Hudson Valley Cruise

The Car Show and Cruise-In Site of the New York Hudson Valley and beyond.

For those making flyers or submitting a show or cruise in to be posted, please add if not already there:

1) If there is a cut off date for the cars you want please add it (ie: pre 1980 or older only..)

2) If there is going to be special parking for newer cars and Tuners or specialty cars please make that plain in the flyer.

3) If whole clubs are welcomed please make that clear with contact information to discuss the above)

4) Don't forget to add the address where the show is. I've gotten several flyers where it a left out. (ie: show at Bob's... What is needed is Show at Bob's, 1234 Main st,  in My town , NY )

5) Also please make sure you add the time of the show and if available the end time of the show or cruise-in.